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Product Line Updates – what you need to know

Herbal Skincare Products Ultimate Substitution Guide

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Mega Updates: A Summary

In the fall of 2022, we made a lot of changes to our product line. The goal was to simplify product choices for our radiant rebels, streamline our production in the studio, source more sustainable + local ingredient choices, and ultimately, make way for the very best era of Grounded Sage Skincare yet!

We’ve been around since 2009, so bringing about “the best era yet” was no small task! We’re no strangers to shooting for the stars, blazing new trails, and leading with our hearts. So, we didn’t back down from making some major shifts to keep Grounded Sage mindfully moving in a sustainable, supportive, and soulful direction.

After endless hours juggling all the pieces needed to bring our new product line into existence, each carefully crafted option is now available in our online shop.


How to know which products are right for your skin

Many of you have already retaken the product quizzes to find your best matches from the new lineup. If you haven’t, the quiz results have been updated, so I highly recommend going through each quiz again. Here are the direct links:

We’ve also created the ultimate substitution guide, which you’ll find on this page. It’s a helpful resource if you’re looking for quick recommendations on the “closest match to (insert discontinued product name here).”

Finally, if you’d like to know which products from the new lineup are working for other radiant rebels, be sure to join us in the private facebook group.


Ultimate Substitution Guide

If you’re ready to see which products from the new line tackle concerns that the old products did but with greater ease and simplicity, head over to the Ultimate Substitution Guide.

Herbal Skincare Products Ultimate Substitution Guide


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Jamie Sabot, Author, Grounded Sage Skincare

Jamie Sabot

Jamie Sabot is the founder of Grounded Sage Skincare. Since she started in 2009, Grounded Sage Skincare has helped thousands of customers with their skin by creating handcrafted skincare products, online workshops, and this blog, which has been a trusted resource for straightforward natural skincare information to over 2 million readers and counting.

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