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The 5 Times When Using A Pink Clay Mask Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Skin


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Not all clay masks are made the same and most are known for drying into a hard mud mask that cracks and makes it hurt to smile after being on for 10 minutes!

I don’t know about you, but I could do without that when I take the time to use a face mask. I want the face mask I use to be cozy, comfortable, and worthy of joining me in the tub with a good book, or nestled under an extra fluffy blanket while binge-watching a show I’m really into.

That’s where Quick Calm Calendula & Pink Clay Mask comes in. It stays soft and comfortable while you wear it.

The Quick Calm Mask goes to work rehydrating, calming, and nourishing stressed-out skin without cracking, crumbling, or making you have to put down the book you’ve gotten lost in. Oh no, that won’t be happening with this mask! It’s happy to hang out and replenishing skin while you recharge and feed your soul (it also won’t cast any judgement if “feeding your soul” includes guilty pleasure fiction novels, cringe-worthy reality TV, or spending another hour lost down a Pinterest rabbit hole after you forgot what you were on Pinterest to look up in the first place).

Now that we can picture ourselves truly indulging in our version of self-care, here’s 5 times when you’ll want to reach for our Quick Clay Calendula & Pink Clay Mask

Quick Calm Pink Clay Mask / calendula extract / green beauty skincare / face mask


The 5 times when you’ll want to reach for a pink clay mask

  1. Period breakout prevention
    When your skin is feeling extra fussy and prone to breakouts (like a week before your period starts, for example), use this mask as a calming, preventative measure.
  2. Makeup buildup and congestion
    When you’ve been using makeup that’s been building up and causing your skin to look dull or speckled with congested bumps, use this mask to help kick start a purifying of your pores.
  3. Oily T-Zone
    When your t-zone gets super shiny and kicks up oil production even more (like during seasonal or hormonal shifts), use this mask to help promote balance and purify.
  4. Depleted, Stressed-Out Skin
    When dry air, harsh winds, or too much time in the sun has depleted your skin, this mask helps the skin to retain moisture, and rehydrate.
  5. When Redness Strikes
    When you need to quickly calm down your skin from irritation, redness, or sensitivity, reach for this mask to provide soothing protection while your skin relaxes.


Bonus: Other clay masks have dried out your skin

When other clay masks have dried out or dehydrated your skin, reach for this mask to replenish your skin. Gone are the days where you have to choose between a purifying deep clean of your pores and protecting your skin’s natural barrier – with Quick Calm mask, you can do both!

To be ready when the above 6 scenarios strike (or to make sure you’re ready for your next “me time” session, go here to grab a pot of our Quick Clam Calendula & Pink Clay Mask.

Here’s to stress-free skincare and pink clay masks,

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pink clay / face mask / green beauty / holistic skincare


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