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micellar cleansing water with willow bark extract for skin

Salicylic acid can be harsh, but is the natural alternative effective?

  Willow bark extract can be found in natural skincare formulas as an alternative to salicylic acid. Most people who find their way to Grounded Sage are here because, like me, their skin is easily irritated, inflamed, or prone to breakouts when attempting to use common (and often popular and easily accessible) skincare options. But …

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holistic skincare remedy facial toner with herbs for clear skin

Herbs for clear skin and why they work

Herbs for Clear Skin and why they work! Here is a list of the most healing herbs & plants (along with their benefits) for troubled, sensitive skin that’s having difficulty getting clear of acne breakouts.   Aloe Extremely soothing  Hydrating and moisturizing Boosts healing  Antibacterial and antimicrobial  Increases collagen synthesis   Comfrey Contains anti-aging antioxidants  …

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Natural anti inflammatory ingredients to include in your skincare routine. Vegan plant based sensitive skin facial care

Natural Anti Inflammatory For Skin: 3 Ingredients Skincare Ingredients

Do you have enough antioxidants in your skincare routine? Keep reading to learn about 3 skincare ingredients that act as natural anti-inflammatories for the skin. Antioxidants are super important because they shield the skin from oxidative stress by stabilizing free radicals. This allows the skin to heal and repair much quicker. Without this support, our …

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The benefits of natural cleansing oil with safflower oil for acne and oily skin

A Natural Non-Comedogenic Cleansing Oil for Acne

It doesn’t take long after adding an expertly crafted oil cleanser to your routine to fall in love with how easily excess oils, makeup, and sunblock is dissolved and rinsed clean from the skin without the use of any harsh or stripping ingredients. Our unique blend of non-greasy, silky feeling, non-comedogenic plant-based oils is extremely gentle on the skin, calms …

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3 Natural Skincare Products with Niacinamide – plus why vitamin B3 is good for your skin

Have you heard all the buzz going around about using niacinamide in skincare routines for acne-prone skin? Niacinamide is an ingredient that is worth the hype. The benefits of niacinamide in skincare Skin Supporting Niacinamide … is an active form of vitamin B3 is pH balanced and non-irritating  is antimicrobial so it balances acne-causing bacteria is anti-inflammatory so calms active acne breakouts has proven to be as effective …

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Probiotic Skincare Products

The Real Benefits of Probiotics in Skincare

Topical Probiotics in Skincare Products I was recently asked the question: “I’m curious to know more about the benefits of things like CBD and probiotics in skincare. They seem hyped right now, but I’d like to know more of the research and findings behind the benefits.” I’ll touch on CBD in skincare in the future, …

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Winter beauty foods for clear skin - skincare diet that's healthy and holistic

Feed Your Skin This Winter – Holistic beauty skin nutrition

Rough, dry or “parched” is often how I hear skin being described in the winter. Even if your skin is oily, you may be experiencing dehydrated skin thanks to dry indoor heat, whipping winds, and our body naturally switching gears into “winter restore mode” that sees a slow down in energy and cell turnover. If you’re experiencing …

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When To Include Vitamin C In Your Skincare Routine

There’s a lot of confusion about when the best time to use a vitamin c serum is and understandably, there’s lots of conflicting advice. Before we pinpoint when to use a vitamin c serum, let’s have a refresher on why using vitamin c is so beneficial. Why vitamin C is such a smart ingredient to use …

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Skincare Shopping Guide: Sunflower Oil

While most people only use sunflower oil for cooking, we’re busy finding ways in which to incorporate this skin-loving oil into our products and with good reason! Since it’s one of the star ingredients of autumn, we figured we’d give it a little feature this week. Sunflower oil is a lightweight emollient. That means it …

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