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The Healing Power of Positive Distractions During Uncertain Times

Positivity and self care during uncertain times - mindful distractions for nature lovers

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Cute farm animals and pets - Sid the sheep standing in the sunlight under a rainbow lens flare brings me so much joy and happiness - picture taken at Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary

Did you expect to see a picture of a sheep smiling under a rainbow when you started your day?

Probably not.

Did it provide a positive distraction?

I hope so ???

So why is Sid’s smiling face relevant?

Because we’re talking about the healing power of positive distraction today.

Distractions get a bad rap, but sometimes, if done in a way that isn’t self-destructive, a positive distraction can be just what we need to get through uncertain times.

Times in my life that were the most stressful also hold memories of the positive distractions that got me through to the other side.

You see, when things are tough, I have a hard time sitting still – although I’d love to follow the “rest and practice self-care” advice out there, not doing something makes me feel more anxious.

That’s where positive distractions come in.

If you’re like me, you’ll be able to relate.

botanical beauty, garden remedies, and herbal wisdom for nature lovers, wise women, and the modern green witch - self care herbal tea natural aesthetic

So what exactly is a positive distraction?

It’s different for different people – you may already know what a positive distraction is for you.

A positive distraction is a way to give your brain (and nervous system) a break.

For me, positive distraction always involves things I’ve loved since childhood:

  • plants & nature & animals – take me to the forest… like now!
  • creativity – even if I only have the energy to be inspired by the creative things other people are doing
  • books – the bigger the pile I can flip through, the better

botanical beauty, garden remedies, and herbal wisdom for nature lovers, wise women, and the modern green witch - self care, herbal tea, and how I'm staying positive in uncertain times.

This week those positive distractions resulted in:

  • The creation of a holistic healing workbook for acne  the power of plants, baby!
  • Drinking in nature – literally – via my stash of herbal teas (nettle has been on heavy rotation)
  • Slathering on nature – literally – via my stash of plant-powered skincare
  • Soaking in nature – both by wandering around our rural property (ah, fresh air!) and via herbal infused bubble baths
  • Piles of books all over the house – I’m currently obsessing over “Holistic Herbal” by David Hoffmann.
  • Attempting to capture the perfect portrait of each of the animals at our sanctuary Sid and his rainbow has been my favourite attempt at this goal so far!

If you had to make a list of positive distractions that relate to things you found enjoyable during your childhood, what would that list look like?

I’m not going to give you advice on what to do – I can’t answer that for you, but I hope you’re able to find ways to find a little inspiration, a little peace, and more than a little bit of love.

botanical beauty, garden remedies, and herbal wisdom for nature lovers, wise women, and the modern green witch - self care herbal tea for holistic healing
Herbs for Anxiety 

Before I go, I wanted to share something from that book I mentioned I’m currently re-reading (for about the 5th time) – Holistic Herbal by David Hoffmann. He lists the most commonly beneficial herbs for anxiety. As always, be sure these are ok for YOU before consuming, but if you need some direction as to which healing herbs might help you switch gears into some positive distractions, these might do the trick:

Personally, the herb that works wonders for me when I’m stressed, anxious, or highly irritable (as my spouse can attest) is lemon balm!

Here’s to the healing power of positive distractions,
Jamie's signature - founder of grounded sage skincare



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The healing powder of positive distractions - mental health, mindfulness, and positive self care for nature lovers in uncertain times


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