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Where to even start with slow, mindful skincare (Grounded Sage Podcast)

How nutrition (diet), movement, and mindset (compassion) effect our skin - Grounded Sage Podcast

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Where to start with simple, slow, mindful skincare

As avid podcast listeners, we know that being able to listen in on a conversation while walking dogs, loading the dishwasher, or driving to work can be the easiest way to fill our minds with positive messages, gentle insights, and inspiring information. Our brand new podcast, the Grounded Sage Podcast, we will be focusing on an uplifting and compassionate approach to skincare, self-care, and life!

Grounded Sage Skincare founder with one of her rescue dogs in rural Ontario Canada. Living a slow simple life and making mindful holistic focused wellness products for the skin - naturally and organically - with mother nature's natural ingredients

In our first episode, we cover a lot of ground  including:

  • Where to start when our relationship with our skin might need an infusion of kindness
  • How to start “reading” your skin to know what it’s trying to communicate with you
  • The biggest trend I’m seeing in our Radiant Rebel skincare community right now: weak lipid barriers
  • Causes of lipid barrier damage
  • Signs of lipid barrier damage (it isn’t always dry or sensitive skin)
  • One way to check in with your lipid barrier
  • Tips for supporting your lipid barrier

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Where to even start with slow, mindful skincare (Grounded Sage Podcast)


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Jamie Sabot, Author, Grounded Sage Skincare

Jamie Sabot

Jamie Sabot is the founder of Grounded Sage Skincare. Since she started in 2009, Grounded Sage Skincare has helped thousands of customers with their skin by creating handcrafted skincare products, online workshops, and this blog, which has been a trusted resource for straightforward natural skincare information to over 2 million readers and counting.

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