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A Common Cause of Adult Acne & How to Fix It

Common cause of adult acne

Tea Tree
Tea Tree

One of my last posts talked about a common cause of acne. I’m going to continue that thought in this post and address another common cause of acne: bacteria.

There are tons of different species of bacteria that live on our skin. They don’t pose a problem until they start growing exponentially.  When that happens, the skin gets irritated, pores get clogged, and even more bacteria grow.

The good news is that bacteria can be put back in its place with two ingredients: tea tree oil and clover oil.  Tea tree oil will take care of most (acne causing) bacteria, while clove will pick up the slack on any remaining (acne causing) bacteria.


To figure out if bacteria are one of the main causes of your acne, do the following:

  • Clover (blossom)
    Clover (blossom)

    Every morning and night, wash with Tea Tree Facial Scrub. Massage the scrub into your skin gently and don’t rush this process – you want to give the tea tree oil time to do its job!

  • Wash the scrub off and pat your face dry with a clean towel.
  • If you are also having problems with the cause of acne that I discussed here, spritz on one of these sprays: Acne BOP Mist or Hydration Mist
  • After the mist has fully absorbed, follow-up with Patchouli Facial Moisturizer if needed (I would suggest using it at least once a day).

If an overgrowth of bacteria has been one of the major causes of your acne, you’ll see your breakouts start to calm down within 24 to 48 hours plus new breakouts will stop popping up.

Seen improvements after doing the above “test”? The great news is you’ve sent a whole lot of bacteria packing! Now you can calm down with the anti-bacterial products. You don’t want to continue to do the above routine day in and day out as it could become drying. Stick with using the Tea Tree Facial Scrub once every 1 -2 days.


Not sure which products you should be using each day? Not sure when to use what? Check out this resource for help. 🙂

It’s rare for there to be only one cause of adult acne. If you see an improvement with this bacteria-fighting routine but your acne hasn’t totally cleared up, don’t get discouraged. That just means there’s another factor causing your acne.  Head over here to explore more causes + triggers of acne.



My Quick Stick Acne Fix is a spot treatment for acne that includes tea tree oil, plus another acne fighting oil (bergamot oil), an acne healing oil (patchouli), and a ph balancer (witch hazel) to keep bacteria from growing out of control in the first place! Use it after you’ve completed the routine and all the other products have been absorbed. My recommendation is to use it at night.


Want to learn more about the common triggers and causes of acne? No problem! I’ve got the info you need right here.

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