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3 tips to removing makeup

3 tips to ensure you’re completely removing your makeup

There’s no better feeling than a freshly washed, wild and free, buck naked face! However, the real question is- have you got it all?” Every makeup lover knows the struggle is real when it comes to removing conventional makeup products. You come to have a love-hate relationship with waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliner, and almost …

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Q&A: Natural Eye Makeup Remover

Question Hi there, Do you have any suggestions for eye makeup remover in your skincare line? I wasn’t sure if I should use the scrub I have around my eye area. Answer   Hi There! For removing makeup around your eyes I suggest using a natural oil – that’s what I do. Almost any oil works …

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Q&A: Understanding The Ingredients In The Grounded Sage Mineral Makeup

  Question Hi there, In your list of ingredients for the Mineral Foundation, it says it contains sericite and mica. Aren’t those the same thing? And for your Titanium dioxide, is it micronized? I’m curious about what I’m exactly putting on my skin. Thanks! Answer   Hi there! To answer your first question- There is …

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