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how to fix congestion

Let’s Conquer Congestion: Daily Tips to Help You Free Those Pores

Let’s just say that congestion and I have never been on the same page when it comes to my skin. Even now that I have awesome skin care products in my arsenal the second I get a little “lackadaisical” with my routine, it comes back faster than the Flash. Thank goodness for Jamie and her …

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Chin Acne and Jawline Acne: 8 Common Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Acne isn’t the easiest thing to overcome. It takes time, patience and dedication to get it under control. We regularly hear from customers about their challenges, and one of the main topics we see (all too frequently) is chin acne and jawline acne. Most often, the people we hear from have an awesome skincare routine in …

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insulin and how it affects your skin

Insulin: The Inside Scoop and Why Spikes Cause Acne

Insulin- A necessary evil in life… … and one where the scales can be tipped with the slightest breeze. Too much, or too little, blood sugar can cause some serious issues in your body, but did you know it’s also linked to acne? THAT’S RIGHT! Blood sugar, particularly when it’s spiked can cause breakouts, even the …

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The Real Deal with Acne Causes & Triggers

I often get this question, what’s the difference between an acne cause and a trigger? When we’re talking about skincare problems there’s almost always a root cause and a trigger or two and then added together you get acne, eczema, rosacea, etcetera. An acne cause is… An underlying root cause, something that’s going on in …

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Add on for acne skin care kit

Is it hormonal acne? Here's three ways to help you figure it out and tackle it!

It’s not always easy to figure out if the breakouts you’re experiencing are connected to a hormonal imbalance that wreaking havoc from the inside. That’s why we’ve pulled together 3, jam-packed resource that can help you determine whether hormones are the culprit behind those pimples. Let’s get started with the Batty’s Brief: Types of Acne …

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Grounded Sage Skincare Consult Checklist

I recently shared the checklist that I use when doing a quick, one-on-one consult. The reason I shared this was that it has vital internal action steps to take based on the type of acne present (see: Addressing Root Causes on the quick consult sheet). Radiant Rebels said they’d love for me to make this resource …

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