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What Does a Clean Slate Look Like? (Skincare Edition)

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A fresh start…

It’s a reoccurring thought for many of us at different stages of our lives. More often than not, a fresh start feels out of reach. Money, time, and so many other complications get in the way. A real fresh start is like a unicorn… but it doesn’t have to be when it comes to your skin.

A skin detox is your skin’s version of a fresh start. It’s the process of freeing your skin from a reactive state caused by the burden of harsh products, unbalanced skincare, and internal struggles. With the proper tools (i.e. products), you can remove the barrier of product build-up that clings to your skin like plastic wrap and prevents real healing from happening. Once the veil is lifted, our skin has regained its ability to be proactive and productive against skin conditions like acne.


Here’s what a clean slate DOESN’T look like.

Most often, we encounter Radiant Rebels who fall under one of three categories. Their skin reactions are generally due to one or more of these common situations.

  1. Your skin is so bogged down by toxins and debris like dead skin cells, that nothing is able to penetrate your pores and treat your skin. Congestion and cosmetic acne are both common indications of this type of situation.
  2. Your skin care routine is unbalanced and missing one or more the crucial steps (cleanse/exfoliate/hydrate/moisturize). Most often, the skin is dehydrated, rough in texture and there’s a good chance your lipid barrier is in a weak state.
  3. You’re experiencing reactions because your skin is confused by an ever-changing routine. Nothing has been given a real chance to work. It feels overworked, constantly changing state, and probably just as muddled (if not more) as you.


So what DOES a clean slate look like?

According to Radiant Rebel Kasey, a clean slate is “Remembering that any mistakes in your past do not define your future. Every day is brand new.

We couldn’t agree more! Just because you haven’t been using clean and kind products up until now, doesn’t mean that you can’t start. It’s about making the choice (for whatever reason speaks personally to you) to be more conscious about the products you’re using in your skincare routine. Our skin is resilient and can make a comeback with the right tools!


green beauty / ingredients / clean beauty / skincare / holistic skincare / skin detox

A successful skin detox includes these key ingredients:

  • A commitment to the process. This doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to slip-up. Even the best of us do from time to time. It’s about getting back on the horse and following through while having patience and understanding during this time of adjustment for your skin.
  • The right ingredients. Our Detox Kit includes active charcoal and mineral clays known for their abilities to purify our pores. This also means avoiding products that counteract the detox. You don’t want to be using conventional makeup. That will just rebuild the “gunk” you’ve just worked so hard to remove.
  • A balanced routine. As mentioned above, every skin care routine should ensure it contains the 4 crucial steps that make up a balanced routine. We’ve already included these in the Detox Approved Skincare Kits, which makes the process simple and easy.
  • AND- for those of you who feel better with a team of people behind you, having a support system can go a long way! At Grounded Sage, we have our 30-Day Detox Challenge. This is the perfect opportunity to gain your clean slate with the support and motivation of Radiant Rebels just like you! We’ve also set up a special Facebook Group to help you through each step of the way!


Whatever your reason for a skin care clean slate is, we’re behind you! If you want to know more about a skin detox, give “What’s a Skin Detox & Do I Need One?” A read.

With Love & Radiance,

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What does a clean slate look like / skin detox / skin reset / fresh skin / petrochemicals and skin / skincare routine / green beauty intro

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