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How nutrition (diet), movement, and mindset (compassion) effect our skin - Grounded Sage Podcast

Supporting skin from the inside out with Whisper Gardiner from Alternate Routes (Grounded Sage Podcast)

In this episode, I speak with Whisper Gardiner, the owner of Alternate Routes (in Woodstock, On). Whisper is one of the most compassionate people I know. She’s also a personal trainer, registered holistic nutritionist, fascial stretch therapist, a mom, and a huge animal lover. We discuss the benefits of nutrition + movement + a healthy mindset as …

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Detox Learning Nook

Skin Detox

Starting your skincare journey with a skin detox has several skin-changing and health-provoking purposes! From ridding your skin of toxins to moving your skin forward in its healing journey, detoxification is one step that almost everyone finds themselves needing from time to time – especially those who are new to green beauty products. Many people …

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How Long Does a Skin Detox Take?

This one sounds like it should be a quick question to answer, but in actuality, there’s a little more to it than you think! The answer: IT DEPENDS ON YOUR SKIN! Our general rule of thumb is a MINIMUM of 3 weeks for people new to natural skin care. This time frame allows for the …

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will a detox help my acne

Will a Skin Detox Help Me with My Problem Skin/Acne/Blackheads?

When it comes to skincare, we tend to skim through information until we see a keyword, or two, that hits close to home. For me, it was the words “oily” and “blackheads” that always caught my eye. No matter where I was, or what I was reading, those lit up like Vegas neon signs, and …

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A Skin Detox- Sticking with it!

By now we’re sure you’ve likely heard about our 30-Day Detox Challenge, but we suspect that a few of you are on the fence about participating, so we thought it may help to have a little chat and answer some questions that may help to get you pumped up and ready to JOIN THE CHALLENGE! If you’re …

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