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Conventional (Fast) vs Slow Skincare – What’s The Difference?


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Conventional skincare vs slow skincare / green beauty / holistic beauty / skincare guide / skin positivity / mainstream beauty

With the move away from 10-step routines that use dozen of products, skincare minimalists like myself are breathing a sigh of relief. While my skincare routine has continued to remain fairly minimal over the years, it’s nice to see the trend of “more is better” fading into the background.

In today’s post, I’d like to talk about the difference between a traditional approach to skincare (or “fast skincare” – much like the fast fashion industry), and a more mindful, intentional, and slow skincare routine.

“Slow” can mean different things to different people. For example, for some, it means physically slowing down while they go through the steps of their skincare routine (or any other aspect of their day). For others, it means using products that were mindfully and “slowly” produced rather than being pumped out of a factory at breakneck speeds. It can also mean the ingredients themselves were cultivated throughout the seasons and grown + harvested in tune with nature.

Below is just a small sampling of my thoughts on what makes “slow skincare” different from the mainstream, more hurried approaches to caring for our skin. The 4 core differences listed below are a great introduction to a mindful, intentional approach – stay tuned to this blog (or sign up for my monthly skincare prompt) to dive deeper into the subject.

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Conventional vs Slow Skincare

Here are 4 core differences between a conventional approach to skincare and a slow approach:

? 1) Quick Fix vs Lasting Results

Mainstream focuses on: That there’s a quick fix for any skincare issue – and it always comes in a topical product or surface level treatment.

Slow skincare focuses on: Longterm, gentle, and sustainable steps to healthy skin through a holistic approach that includes topical products but also internal support. Root causes and triggers of uncomfortable or unbalanced skin are explored rather than counting on “band-aid” (aka temporary) solutions. A slow skincare approach values the health of our skin because we value the health of our whole body.  Therefore, there’s a focus on ways to support our body as a whole and this, in turn, will support our skin. 


? 2) Vanity vs Wellness

Mainstream focuses on: The appearance of skin and how visually pleasing it is. It’s a focus on adhering to beauty standards, seeking perfection, and not looking beyond the surface.

Slow skincare focuses on: Slow skincare doesn’t discount “visually pleasing” skin – as that’s often the result of following a slow skincare approach. However, the focus is on healthy skin. It’s a focus on wellness rather than vanity.


? 3) Pressure vs Release

Mainstream focuses on: Skin as something to control, manipulate, and focus into submission. The language that implies fighting with your skin for control is common.

Slow skincare focuses on: Being on the same side as your skin – focusing on what’s good for you and your skin. This includes seeing our skin as a communication tool – our skin helps to communicate with us what’s going on inside (as it’s our largest organ) and communicates with us when the skin’s needs (and for some of us, the needs of our body as a whole) aren’t being met. See this blog post for more on this thought.


? 4) Problems vs Mindfulness

Mainstream focuses on: Not always, but often focuses on “ageing” or normal functions of the skin as a problem to solve. 

Slow skincare focuses on: Focuses on wellness, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This includes breaking down the mindsets and messages that bring us anxiety, shame, or feeling of inadequacy around our skin’s appearance or function.


These four core elements of slow skincare are the key to how I (and many Radiant Rebels) have achieved my skincare goals. Perhaps, one of these resonates with you and you can find your own, special way of incorporating it into your own journey.

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Conventional skincare vs slow skincare / green beauty / holistic beauty / skincare guide / skin positivity / mainstream beauty


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