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How We’re Celebrating National Do Something Nice Day!

Do something nice day / holistic health / giving back / charity

While today’s topic isn’t focused on the ins and outs of skincare, it does play a part in holistic health. When our hearts are happy, so is our mind and body.  One of our favourite ways to feel that chest-warming feeling is by spending time giving back.

Since today is “Do Something Nice Day”, what better timing to take a moment to chat about some of our favourite organizations to pay it forward to. Below is a look at the local charities, organizations, and rescues that Grounded Sage gives back to on a regular basis.


Animal rescues close to our heart

Bullies In Need

“Bullies In Need (BIN) is a rescue dedicated to the “pit bull type” dogs in Ontario who face euthanasia daily in Ontario’s shelters.

Bullies In Need aims to educate the public about these breeds, their history and their temperament. Bullies In Need seeks out foster and adoptive homes which are able to facilitate exceptional care and training.”

All the proceeds from our Dog Shampoo and Daphne’s Mix go to Bullies In Need.

W: http://www.bulliesinneed.ca/

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary

“Cedar Row has been in existence since 1999 and is one of the oldest farm sanctuaries in Ontario. Siobhan and Peter Poole run the sanctuary with help from their two children Cicada and Patrick as well as a group of dedicated volunteers.

They have saved many animals from slaughter and helped many humans make the connection to the animals that end up in the food system. They continued to educate and inspire people by allowing them to meet animals living in a natural and peaceful environment.”

W: https://cedarrow.org/

Second Chance Auction Animal Rescue (SCAAR)

“SCAAR is an animal rescue, based out of London, ON.  They are 100% foster-based. Dogs that come into their program go directly into a family environment. Any animal in our care stays with them until they have found their forever family.

SCAAR takes dogs from local pounds, owner surrenders and dogs that are on death row. They have also had much success in rehabilitating dogs that have found themselves on death’s door, whether they be suffering from severe heartworm, are in need of urgent surgery, or have contracted parvovirus.”

W: https://scaarontario.weebly.com/

Rabbit Rescue Inc.

“Rabbit Rescue Incorporated is a registered No Kill charity that services Southern Ontario. They are dedicated to saving rabbits from abandonment, neglect, illness or injury and inhumane conditions. They are the largest rabbit rescue in Canada and assist the SPCA and Humane Societies with larger urgent cases (i.e. hoarding situations often with hundreds of rabbits at a time).

All of their rabbits are spayed or neutered prior to adoption and receive all medical care needed. Rabbit Rescue Inc. provides programs and services that educate the public regarding animal welfare and provides protection and adoption services to animals at risk of cruelty.”

W: http://rabbitrescue.ca/

Animal Rescue Foundation (A.R.F.)

“ARF Ontario is based in London, Ontario. They work with First Nation communities and rural areas to help find permanent loving homes for unwanted strays. A.R.F. is 100% volunteer and foster home-based. They do not have a shelter facility and operate completely on donations from fellow animal lovers, monies raised through adoption fees and fundraising projects developed by our volunteers.”

W: http://www.arfontario.com/


Our Home-Grown Grace: Lily’s Place Animal Sanctuary

As an avid animal lover, Jamie (the founder of Grounded Sage) opened her doors to rescue animals beyond the canine variety this year and establish Lily’s Place Animal Sanctuary alongside her partner Tim.

The Lily’s Place roster includes four canines, 5 hens and (most recently) a sheep named Sid! You can learn more about the adventures at Lily’s Place HERE.


While today is “Do Something Nice Day”, we like to look at every day as an opportunity to make someone smile, lend a helping hand or spend some time giving back. We also know that many of you feel the same way and we’d love to hear about your gestures of kindness. Be sure to hop over to our Facebook Group to share your heart-warming stories.

Until next time,

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Do something nice day / holistic health / giving back / charity

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