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Mineral Foundation Transformation


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Mineral makeup foundation / green beauty / before and after

Powder-based foundations aren’t new to the industry, but many people are still timid to give them a try. They think it won’t cover as well, or just don’t know how to apply them without looking “chalky”. I’ll admit, it took me some time to figure them out too, but there’s nothing more freeing on a hot summer’s day than a light-as-a-feather mineral powder foundation. If you’ve been fearing the thought of a mineral foundation, have a look at what Jaye has to say about our Mineral Powder Foundation

Mineral makeup foundation / green beauty / before and after


What Radiant Rebel Jaye had to say about our Mineral Foundation:

“Absolutely, irrevocably obsessed with this foundation. There was a bit of a learning curve to get used to a powder after having used liquid but stick with it – it truly just takes practice. Goes on light, doesn’t feel cakey, and lasts me most of the day (I’m oily by nature, even when inactive, so the oil absorbing setting powder has been a lifesaver). I dab a bit of the Grounded Sage Concealer if I have any really bad spots and use the Mineral Foundation on top, all over. Gives such a gorgeous shimmer that’s very natural looking and seems to smooth and highlight your features beautifully. All in all a very well made product! Thanks Grounded Sage, can’t see myself ever using anything else 🙂 “


Now that you can breathe a little easier about the idea of powder foundation, here’s a few tricks I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Invest in a good Kabuki Brush. They offer the best blending/application for this type of foundations. I opt for one with tightly packed, synthetic fibres. They’re super soft and won’t irritate the skin.
  2. Get used to using a light hand. A little goes a long way, you want to start with just a little and build the layers. Believe it or not, most loose mineral foundations offer a medium to full coverage
  3. Always tap off the extra before you apply! Not only will you be saving product, but it’s also easier to blend in light layers, rather than a whole bunch at once.
  4. Buff-buff-buff! The trick to a natural look is all in the blending.
  5. Be sure to wash your brush regularly. Although it’s not liquid, it will still build up in the brush, as well as any oils from your skin. Give your kabuki a wash on a regular basis to ensure your application is smooth as butter.
  6. A spritz of setting spray will not only help set it in place for a long day but also help minimize any noticeable powder you may have missed blending. Check out my fave, our Quick Spritz Oil Fix

With a little practice, you’ll be a pro at mineral foundation in no time!

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Mineral makeup foundation / green beauty / before and after


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