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Pillars Of Healthy Skincare: Supporting Cell Turn Over

cellular turnover / skincare / green beauty / congestion / AHAsWhen it comes to supporting our skin over the long haul, we don’t need to have elaborate routines or follow the latest beauty trends. Keeping our skin happy and well supported involved a few key concepts (one of which I’ll cover today – see this post for more). Within each concept, we each have the freedom to find ingredients, products, and routines that work best for us (more on that here).

Today I’ll be talking about supporting cell turn over.


🌿 What:

Gentle use of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs)

🌿 Why:

Using AHAs in your regular (daily, if well tolerated) skincare routine helps to support healthy cell renewal. Essentially, AHAs remove dead or dry surface skin cells. This removal encourages our skin to replace the outer most cells with new ones that won’t contribute to rough texture or congestion.

Encouraging gentle removal of dead cell buildup has a lot of benefits including…

  • A texture smoothing effect on the skin
  • Helps reflect light more evenly (which makes wrinkles look less deep)
  • Improves hydration and absorption (removing buildup ensures that the ingredients we’re trying to feed our skin aren’t blocked from being absorbed)
  • Stimulates the production of new collagen to the skin (remember, collagen gives our skin its firmness)
  • Aids in improving (and lessening) hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone


🌿 How:

Just like the use of tea tree or lavender oils, finding a dose of AHAs that’s right for your skin is key.

While AHAs are super gentle and well-tolerated by most, not all Radiant Rebels will be able to go “all in” with AHAs all the time. I recommend starting with samples of our AHA products and seeing what’s agreeable with your skin.

  • For those who would consider their skin “mature” or have had a lot of sun exposure, working AHAs into your routine daily would be the route to go if your skin is game. If it’s not, you may find that a couple of times a week or even as something you work into your skincare routine on the weekend works best.
  • For those looking for the gentlest AHA, go with the Pumpkin Enzyme Cream Facial Mask


🌿 AHA products:

Samples of these products can also be found here


Pure Amore Gel Cleanser / AHAs / congestion / green beauty

Cell turnover is a critical part of achieving that healthy glow we’re after. It’s just about finding the right source of AHA’s for your skin. If you’re looking for some insight, don’t be afraid to connect with our community, or contact us.

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Until next time, stay radiant!

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cellular turnover / skincare / green beauty / congestion / AHAs

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