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Q&A: Why Am I Breaking Out After Getting Home From Camping?


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breakouts after camping / acne care / green beauty


Hi there,

So your Quick Spritz Oil Fix was a LIFESAVER this past weekend!  Thanks again!  But riddle me this… 4 days, I shower/face wash on day 2, the rest of the time using the wipes (I know, I know) to remove various layers of dirt, sweat and sunscreen… NOT A SINGLE FLARE UP/BREAK OUT… Little to no sleep too.  Didn’t wear much if any makeup except a bit of spot/scar touch-up with some of the mineral makeup on a Q-tip.  Get home, shower, wash face with Tea Tree Scrub (felt soooo good!).  Apply Hydra Healing Gel and Patchouli Moisturizer, wake up and my face, but more so mostly my chest is breaking out/looking like crap?

Thank you so much!


Tea Tree Facial Scrub made with natural ingredients / oily skin / exfoliate / green beauty



Hi There!

Thanks for your question!

I use organic baby wipes all the time to take off makeup before washing my face – so no judgements about wipes here.  Actually, I use a dab of olive oil to remove my eye makeup at night and then wipe off the makeup and oil with a baby wipe before washing my face – works like a charm!
Were you doing anything to your chest during that time or just doing the above on your face? My chest breaks out from heat or congestion (ie when I’m not giving it a good.. but gentle.. scrub each day).  Yours might be the opposite.  Some people breakout from exfoliating if their skin is sensitive to friction (usually on the chest, shoulders or back).  In some cases, certain fabrics will make them breakout.  It could also just be that the breakouts are just catching up with you after your 4 day weekend.  I get that on my face if I’ve been lazy for a few days.  I look at my face and think huh, it’s looking great I don’t need to do anything. Then bam, a few days later after doing minimal maintenance, the congestion catches up with me.  Though my skin is highly sensitive to dietary deficiencies too (miss my smoothie concoction for two days = breakouts!*).
Oh, I should also mention too that when I switched to using the Pineapple Scrub more often than the Tea Tree Scrub my skin got happier (I use Tea Tree Scrub more for just chest and back now).  The Pineapple Scrub scrubs MORE but not via friction, the pineapple enzymes clean out pores without super scrubbing action.  Now there are jojoba wax beads in it (like the mild scrub ) for some friction cleansing but with the enzymes doing most of the work, our skin doesn’t get upset about being rubbed and touched too much.  So super clean but as gentle as it gets!  For the first bit, I didn’t think I had made a scrubby enough scrub but my face told me otherwise.  When you finish up this round of Tea Tree Scrub, the Pineapple Scrub might be a better fit – especially if we suspect your skin did better without as much friction (even though it feels so good, haha)divider

Followup from the customer  

I didn’t do anything to my chest while away – same deal as my face. Wipes, spray, sweat, dirt and sunscreen. Lol.  Then exfoliated yesterday too.  So now I guess I should just back off it?  And sounds good – re Pineapple Scrub! Would love to give it a try.
Pineapple Scrub made with natural ingredients / fruit enzymes / facial exfoliant / green beauty
Aww ok, so yes, I would just go with soap and a face cloth for your chest for the next while and for your face.  If it’s not too happy either, go with a scrub every other day, and just a good face cloth scrub up the days in between.  Once you get hooked up with the Pineapple Scrub, you can use that every day on your face.  Also, be sure to continue to load up on Hydra Healing Gel and Patchouli Moisturizer and, since your skin reacted so well to the mist, definitely keep that in your routine too!

I hope that helps!

P.S. For inquiring minds, my fav mix to add to my smoothies (or to just add to pure pineapple juice, or water if in a pinch) is “Progressive VegEssetial All in One – in natural vanilla.

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breakouts after camping / acne care / green beauty


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