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Q&A: Why Do I See More Bumps On My Face At The End Of The Day?


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why do I notice more bumps at the end of the day / acne journey / green beauty


Hi there,

In the morning, my face seems less bumpy, then when it’s evening or when I go to wash at night I see more bumps around my chin and jaw.  Seems to me that my face gets worse by the end of the day, no matter if I use the Patchouli Moisturizer or Daily Detox Moisturizer with or without makeup (also I’ve been solely using your makeup and love, love, love it) both seem to create similar effects.  Any thoughts?

Thank you so much!




Hi There!

Thanks for your question!

These could be caused by a few different things.  At night our skin heals and detoxifies.  During the day, it’s more in a reactive mode – reacting to things like environment (think sun! but also wind, cold, heat, etc), stress, internal functions inside our body (reactions to food we eat, reactions to dips and spikes in insulin, hormones, and other processes, etc).
Since you’ve ruled out products (both skincare and cosmetics) making a difference, it sounds completely internal OR exposure to the environment-related.  I would hazard a guess that it’s more related to insulin and hormonal spikes and dips.
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Here are a few suggestions to see if we can pin down one (or more) triggers…
  •  Keep track of how much processed sugar you eat during the day and rate how much you think the bumps have increased (or how much your skin has become inflamed/irritated/uneven).  Track this for two weeks or so and look for any patterns.  The idea is to see if sugar (re: insulin) highs are affecting your skin.
  • Do the same for heavy processed foods and dairy.
  • Do the same for your stress level and amount of physical activity (for example track if you walked anywhere, cut the grass, did a lot of stairs, puttered in the garden, etc…. not just if you actually played a sport or went to the gym or did some other form of “traditional” exercise).  This will help determine if hormonal fluctuations (due to stress) are contributing.
  • Also, keep track of how much sun you got on your skin (and whether you were wearing any skincare or makeup products that protect against UV damage).  If it was a typical day, note that.  If you were in the sun more than normal (or less than normal), note that too.
  • For all the things you track (simply writing what you can remember in a journal at the end of the day, or take notes on your cellphone throughout the day), you’ll want to look for patterns after a few weeks of tracking.

I highly suspect that it will be internal processes and while some of those are easy to pin down, others are not. Most often bumps that show up and cover specific areas are at least in part due to stress (though sun exposure can be an overlooked culprit as well).


A few external clues to help you pin down what’s causing the bumps…

  • If your skin seems extra red or inflamed by the end of the day this is almost always related to a build-up of inflammation/heat/toxins in the body.  Detoxifying the body (like we talked about, plus calming the skin with the Hydra Healing Gel for example) is the way to tackle this.
  • If the bumps are surrounded by redness BUT are almost more like a rash type of breakout (which doesn’t sound like this is the case, but I thought I’d add it since you know you’re skin better than I do!), could indicate an imbalance in the digestive or elimination systems of the body… most notably bowel issues (not passing food through the body fast enough, etc), yeast infections (even a low-grade infection), or Candida.  Candida has been a popular “go-to cause” of acne in recent years in the natural acne cures world, but from what I’ve experienced personally and with my customers (as well as noted by several reputable sources), it’s usually pretty rare that following a super strict Candida cleanse is necessary.  Reducing and eliminating as much processed sugar from your diet as possible is often enough.
 I hope that helps!

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P.s. One more crucial tip – make sure you’re adequately protecting your skin from UV damage which oxidizes oils, makes them sticky, and causes clogged pores. My preference for protection is two-fold using antioxidants and zinc. See this post for more info.


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why do I notice more bumps at the end of the day / acne journey / green beauty


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