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A Waste-Free Way To Warm Up This Winter

Winter can sure have its way with our bodies. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that something so beautiful and magical can be so harsh on our skin. Dry, itchy skin is never enjoyable, but protecting it and restoring its balance can help bring back some of the magic this winter. Introducing our Oatmeal & Honey …

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The 2019 Soap Drive Starts Now!

It that time of year again, and if the autumn colours and crisp air weren’t enough to get excited about, it’s also the official start of our Annual Soap Drive. That means that proceeds from EVERY full-sized soap bar sold during the month of November at groundedsage.com will be donated to local charities doing great …

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Why We Love Handmade Soap

If you’ve tried a well-formulated, handmade, natural soap bar before you know there’s no going back to commercial soap. What’s the problem with commercial soap? Many times they aren’t soap at all! Check the label to see if the word “soap” is actually used. Many times you’ll find that it’s not because the product isn’t …

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How to Make Your Soap Bars Last

Once you’ve tried handmade soap you want every silky skin loving bubble to last! Thankfully I won’t stop making handmade soap any time soon BUT I know you want each and every bar to last even longer than they already do! No problem! Here are a few tips on how to make them last! Don’t …

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