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New Eczema Research: What You Need To Know

  Today’s BLOG is for anyone in the community who suffers from eczema (either occasionally or consistently). Recently, a new study was published that confirmed a cause of the dry, inflamed and itchy skin that plagues eczema sufferers. What was the discovery? Researchers found out what holistic skincare gals (like you and me) have known …

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Guide to Keeping Eczema at Bay

Hey beautiful! As the weather turns colder, we’re entering into prime time for eczema to flare up! While some eczema-prone Radiant Rebels see a flare in the warm months, most will find that as the temperature drops outside and the indoor heating cranks up, their skin dries out and introduces a perfect environment for eczema …

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Q&A: My Daughter Has Eczema & Acne And We’re At A Loss

Question Hi there! I have been told by a few people to try your product for my daughter (a teen). I’ve seen your products for acne and eczema, and my daughter has both really, really bad. Everything we have tried to date, including prescriptions, has not worked for both her eczema and acne. The problem …

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3 Times We’ve Chatted About Eczema

Oi-vay! As much as I LOVE spring, there’s one thing about the season that drives me crazy- literally – and that’s eczema! Thanks to seasonal allergies, eczema shows up (unannounced & without fail) each time the buds start to sprout. It’s like when crazy Aunt Myrtle comes for a visit and overstays her welcome. You know it’s going to …

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Q&A: Are There Foods That Can Help My Skin Heal?

Question Hi there! I have been dealing with eczema and dermatitis for a long time. On top of that, I also have a compulsive skin picking disorder (Dermatillomania). I really want to heal my skin, and I believe your products are the first step. I was also thinking that what I eat might also affect …

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Q&A: Which Eczema Products Should My Husband Use?

Question Hi there, I am wondering about your eczema products for my husband.  We’ve been told that this is what he has (mostly on his legs) and am curious about the products you offer to help.  The patches are quite large and we have never really been able to get something from the doctor that …

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Q&A: Is the primer good for my dry skin?

Hi Batty- I just want to know if the facial primer and detox moisturizer is ok to use on my very dry skin? Thanks! Hi There, Thanks for your question. Yes, it can be used with dry skin. Although I should mention that I do have products in my line that provide more moisture than …

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Q&A: What Could Be Causing My Excess Dry Skin?

Question Hi! I have been using your products for a little while now, including the Tea Tree Facial Nut Scrub, Patchouli Grapefruit Facial Soap, and Patchouli Facial Moisturizer. Having battled acne for years, I finally made the jump to “green” products. I was noticing some immediate improvements in my skin as soon as I started using …

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Q&A: Dry skin patches during skin detox?

Question Good morning ladies! Quick question. I started the Detox Kit on Monday, and am just wondering if it’s normal to have dry patches pop up? I normally have pretty dry skin, but now have a few patches that always feel like they need cream. Any suggestions? Answer Hi There! You might want to add …

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