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micellar cleansing water with willow bark extract for skin

Salicylic acid can be harsh, but is the natural alternative effective?

  Willow bark extract can be found in natural skincare formulas as an alternative to salicylic acid. Most people who find their way to Grounded Sage are here because, like me, their skin is easily irritated, inflamed, or prone to breakouts when attempting to use common (and often popular and easily accessible) skincare options. But …

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forehead acne cause and how to get rid of small bumps on your forehead. Which skincare products are best for clearing up tiny little bumps for sensitive skin naturally. Natural treatment for clogged pores on forehead and face. Green beauty skin care routine tips.

Forehead bumps: What causes skin congestion, bumps, and clogged pores on the forehead?

QUESTION: The following question was asked by a radiant rebel in our community group: “Why are my forehead and skin are still congested despite using only Grounded Sage products?” ANSWER: Great question! Bumps on our forehead – specifically, skin congestion, is multifaceted and can be triggered by a wide range of things (just like most …

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can my skin type change? how to check in and tell if your have a new skin type. how to know your skin type when different factors make it hard to find, determine, identify, and figure out if your face is oily, combination, dry, acne prone, sensitive, or just has excess oil from foundation makeup.

Skin Type Changes: How do I care for my skin when my skin type seems to have suddenly changed?

QUESTION: The following question was asked by a radiant rebel in our Facebook community: “Bear with me and I apologize in advance for a long post. For years, and I mean YEARS (I am 52) I have had OILY, acne-prone skin. I really don’t remember having clear skin since the age of 12. In my 40s, …

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Hormones and Our Skin (Grounded Sage Podcast)

As requested from the radiant rebel community, this episode of the podcast is all about hormones and our skin – more specifically what hormonal imbalances are connected with which skin concerns, and what to focus on based on the symptoms your skin is experiencing right now. Skin concerns covered in this episode (and how hormones …

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The Oily Skin Diaries: Rebuilding A Relationship With Moisturizer

If I’m being completely honest, I’ve always been fairly lucky with my skin. I’ve never had issues with acne (other than the odd breakout) and I was fortunate enough to inherit my father’s olive skin tone. I grew up in an age where oily skin was “controllable” with the so-called right products. I was definitely …

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Oily Skin Learning Nook

Oily Skin

While having oily skin isn’t talked about as a “skin condition” as much as acne and other concerns, it can be just as frustrating and confusing to address. In fact, the journey to balanced skin for someone who battles excessive oil can take just as long, if not longer than other challenges to correct. What’s …

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Q&A: Tips For Applying Mineral Foundation On Oily Skin?

  Question Hello there! I need help with applying my Mineral Makeup Foundation on my oily skin. My face is too glowy and I feel like a glow stick! I tried using the Oil Absorbing Setting Powder before and after I apply the minerals, but I still look greasy. Am I doing something wrong? Should …

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2 Mistakes For Oily Skin

The 2 Biggest Mistakes Radiant Rebels with Oily Skin Make

In a world where oil controls the land of pores, there are two really common mistakes that are made. Here’s a look at both and some ways in which you can change your situation for the better. Not HYDRATING your skin (enough or at all): Hydration is the number one missed step in most skin …

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