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Our Greatest Adventure Yet: Moving to New Brunswick from Ontario

Moving to New Brunswick from Ontario

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Moving to New Brunswick from Ontario

Moving to New Brunswick from Ontario

So the secret is officially out about our upcoming (temporary) shop closer in July:  Grounded Sage Skincare, along with our home & animal sanctuary, are packing up and heading east back to Tim’s maritime roots ???. ⁣

While we navigate moving a business, a home, and almost 20 animals to New Brunswick from Ontario, the online shop will be closed for July. ⁣ I wanted to give everyone lots of notice, so our temporary closer during July isn’t a surprise⁣. I also thought it would be fun to share some behind-the-scenes moments of our greatest adventure yet, so be sure to watch our Instagram or Facebook stories for updates as the move grows closer.⁣

space to grow - moving to greener pastures - wildflowers and wilderness

One Shop Closer + One Big Move = Our Greatest Adventure Yet!

Living mindfully and in tune with the seasons has always been important to me. Over the last few years, the pull to put compassion into action in even more tangible and fulfilling ways has only gotten stronger.  I’m no longer able to ignore the tug towards a life that happens outside my small apothecary – I want to get my hands in the dirt more often, provide sanctuary to more animals in need, and fully embrace the creative magic tingling in my veins.

For over a decade, Grounded Sage Skincare has been an outlet for my obsession with medical plants, botanical beauty, and a conduit for connecting with nature-loving radiant rebels. While Grounded Sage isn’t going anywhere any time soon (aside from a brief closure while we get settled in New Brunswick), the possibility of spending less time “working for” Grounded Sage and more time cultivating hobbies and interests outside of my work has me curious, open, and energized to see how things unfold.

Moving to New Brunswick from Ontario - Vegan Couple Move their Farm Animal Sanctuary Across Canada

Sanctuary Space and Room to Grow

VeganLife Mag recently featured us in an article that details the reasons behind the motivation to move our heart and soul, aka Lily’s Place Animal Sanctuary ????.

The greener pastures, the additional privacy, and the abundance of space for our sanctuary residences will allow all of us to thrive – people and animals – together in a tranquil slice of one of Canada’s maritime provinces. Have a read of VeganLife’s article here.

Animal Sanctuary for Farm Animals (and Rescue Dogs) is Moving to New Brunswick from Ontario

Transitioning Grounded Sage

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re likely a member of our radiant rebel community, and you may have questions about what this move will mean for you.  I might even have the answers (though moving a business in such a big way is a new experience for me, so we’ll be learning how to navigate this transition together).  Here are a few things that I do know that might help:

  • The online shop will be closed for July 2021
  • The last day to order before our July closure is the morning of June 30th, 2021
  • A free shipping blitz is happening on our online shop from June (more info here)
  • A moving sale is happening right now (with new products added weekly up until late June)
  • Minimum email support will be available in July – please be patient with us if we cannot get back to you until August.
  • We’ll reopen the online shop in early August.

Have a question that falls outside of what I covered above? No problem! Please shoot me a message on Instagram or Facebook. Alternatively, you can send an email to our assistant.

Thanks for always being so supportive of my dreams, rebellious ways ;), and for joining me on my biggest adventure yet!

All the love,

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Moving to New Brunswick from Ontario Canada - Relocating animal sanctuary with farm animals, dog rescue, and small handmade business


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