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Will a Skin Detox Help Me with My Problem Skin/Acne/Blackheads?

will a detox help my acne

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will a detox help my problem skin / skin reset / skin detox / acne / blackheads / congestion / green beauty / eco beauty

When it comes to skincare, we tend to skim through information until we see a keyword, or two, that hits close to home. For me, it was the words “oily” and “blackheads” that always caught my eye. No matter where I was, or what I was reading, those lit up like Vegas neon signs, and the blinders immediately came on to anything else in my near presence.

One of the biggest learning curves for me when it came to natural skin care is that knowledge is power. The more I learned, the better I understood how skin operates in general, including my own. I was able to connect dots that previously weren’t even there to begin in my mind and appreciate what my skin was trying to communicate with me.


Why do I bring this up?

Just like at the start of my journey, we see newcomers jump to targeted routines all the time without doing the detox. They see those terms like “acne” and immediately assume that’s their starting line. While all of our skincare products will detox your skin over time, it can take MUCH longer when you’re not using products that contain detoxifying ingredients. This also leads to seeing results at a much slower pace, because those targeted ingredients have to fight their way through the build-up and congestion that hasn’t been taken care of from the start.

Now with that being said, Your journey is YOURS and YOU control it!

The reason for this blog is really two-fold.

  1. We want you to succeed! The sooner we can help you get there, the more joy it brings to your life and ours. As discussed in previous blogs, a skin detox is like hitting the reset button on your skin when it’s in a confused state (most often caused by using pore-clogging products, flip-flopping your routine and internal factors). When our skin is in a chaotic state, it reacts in ways we don’t appreciate. BUT, when we take the time to calm down our skin and allow it to breathe, it reacts much more pleasant to targeted, green ingredients and our desire to help it.
  2. This is the kicker! Time and time again, we’ve heard from Radiant Rebels, with reactive skin, who NEVER leave the Detox Challenge Approved Skincare Kits. Why? It’s because the trigger for their breakouts was in (major) part due to the past products that had previously been built-up in their pores. Whether it’s acne, rosacea, congestion, oily skin (you name it), the chance for the skin to relax and stop fighting the ingredients it was being forced to put up with, was enough for it to start behaving. While we’ve seen some amazing stories come out of the Detox Challenge Approved Skincare Kits, not everyone can expect this type of result. Acne and other skin conditions also come with an assortment of using the right products and root causes that need internal attention too. What you can expect is to see your skin jump start into a healing state.

will a detox help my problem skin / skin reset / skin detox / acne / blackheads / congestion / green beauty / eco beauty

Think of it as a mood change for your skin. It’s suddenly found the drive to start bettering itself, kind of like discovering the willpower to hit the gym; the big results happen when we start doing physical activity (consider this your targeted routine). Although you’re taking action by performing the detox, this is really what we like to think of as the “motivational period” for your skin. It needs to rebuild trust in your choices and accept your help. At the same time, when we start working out, we notice some immediate results; Our energy levels start increasing, clothes start to loosen, and we simply feel happier.

The same goes for our skin. It will be calmer, happier and more readily willing to accept targeted, clean products in the future. So while you may not see your blackheads or acne completely vanish during the detox, what you will notice is a “bully-free” zone, in which everyone is willing to work together and where petrochemicals and debris aren’t kings (and queens of course) of the castle anymore.


Don’t believe us? Here’s what a few Radiant Rebels had to say about their experiences with the Detox Challenge Approved Skincare Kits!

“As a 25-year-old, I had very dry, tight, red, somewhat wrinkly skin. I had regular acne on my forehead, as well as regular and cystic acne covering every inch of my chin and jaw. Anyone with dry skin AND acne knows this struggle, with no solutions. When the description says to hit pause, not look at one more product, it is true. TRY THIS. Give THIS system a shot. It is more expensive than I would normally spend, but I tell people now that it is the best self-care decision I have ever made.

I stopped wearing any makeup on my skin as recommended. I already ate veggies and grains, etc., so that definitely helped. At 3 weeks with the Detox Kit and although I am experiencing a tiny breakout from a messed up routine last weekend, my skin has become so clear, and dare I say almost pretty. It is hardly red; all my red scars are fading. I am not one to exaggerate, but my skin is SO soft and feels a bit firmer too. I am so happy and grateful to Jamie for making and sharing such wonderful products that back up all of her knowledge!! No longer am I ashamed of showing my face, it has truly given me so much happiness. If you want a change and have only been met with disappointment, seriously try this!!” – Morgan


“I received the full-size Primer Facial Moisturizer and Charcoal Soap from my sister-in-law about a month ago. They are by far the most awesome products I have ever used. With that idea in mind, I decided to order the Detox Skin Care Kit. The products did wonders to my skin. Within the first few days, I noticed that my cystic acne healed up nicely and my skin texture got smoother. I have been using the kit for almost three weeks now. To be honest, I have seen a major improvement with my problematic skin and am very happy about it. Thanks for making these awesome products.” – Podnicha


“I have never loved my face. I have always been self-conscious about its unpredictability, but this kit has certainly changed that!!! In love is an understatement when it comes to this kit, and I am so thankful I made the purchase. I noticed changes right away and I am noticing more and more as I continue! 5 stars!” – Candace


“Sorry for the lengthy review, but this Detox Kit has been life-changing for me. If you’re feeling skeptical about trying this kit out, take a little read. 

I have had acne since I was 12. I’m 28 now and have been using benzoyl peroxide for years. My skin tone has been a pasty pink colour due to irritation and product, on top of my cystic acne, oily skin, and scars. This is the first time I have tried any natural products because I didn’t know natural products to treat acne existed. I figured all the dermatologists I have visited in the past were showing me the ONLY way to keep my acne under control. Which were harsh chemicals that gave me more problems.

I have just finished a one month routine with the Detox Kit and couldn’t be more pleased. Just a few days into the routine, I noticed my skin start to calm and heal. All the products in this kit are gentile, made my skin feel clean, balanced, and made my skin less oily. Most importantly, I had only a few mild pimples appear during the detox. Nothing compared to what is typically normal for my skin. My skin has not been this clear and healthy since I was a kid. 

My only regret is that I didn’t try a natural approach to treating my skin earlier. I am so thankful I stumbled upon these products. I don’t think I could have found myself in better hands than Jamie’s. Truly. Thank you!” – Whitney


Want to read more? Click HERE!

In the simplest of terms, no matter your skin condition, we always recommend starting with a skin detox. At Grounded Sage, we don’t believe in complicating skincare. If you’re ready to take on a skin detox of your own, we’d love to have you join us for our 30 day Community Detox Challenge. Sign up HERE!

With Love & Radiance,

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will a detox help my problem skin / skin reset / skin detox / acne / blackheads / congestion / green beauty / eco beauty


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