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How to get rid of chin acne breakouts that show up monthly


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How to get rid of chin acne - causes, remedies and treatment for hormonal acne including products for a simple skincare routine

In this post, I’m answering the question:

“How do I get rid of chin acne breakouts that keep coming back each month?”

Cyclical breakouts, especially those in the chin and jawline area point directly to our hormonal cycle – which includes the increase in inflammation in our body that happens at this time as well as the change in our sebum (our skin’s natural oils get stickier during this time).

The best thing to do during this time when it comes to skincare is to focus on products and ingredients that are super calming, hydrating, and gently increase in the number of enzymes you’re using. I like to cover all 3 of those bases by using the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask as my nighttime moisturizer. I also use the congestion protection mist or vitamin c serum as my hydrator in the morning for a couple of days in a row when I know it’s “that time” in my cycle.

Looking for a complete routine? You’ll find a simple step-by-step skincare routine to combat hormonal acne breakouts on your chin, jawline, cheeks, etc. below.


Botanical Skincare Products for Hormonal Acne - morning, evening and weekly treatment

Hormonal Acne Skincare Routine

Beating monthly hormonal acne breakouts with a natural, simple skincare routine

The routine below focuses on combating sticky sebum, dead skin cell buildup, and keeping inflammation at bay (inflammation reduces the amount of space in our pores which can lead to congestion, breakouts, and of course also leads to redness, sensitivity, and can slow down healing – which can lead to scaring).

Each product has a specific purpose and was included either in the daytime or nighttime steps based on how the ingredients in them work with the other products, as well as taking into account the natural rhythms of our skin and what our skin is typically exposed to.

The Products

First, let’s just look at the natural skin care products in this routine, then we’ll discuss why we’re using each one so you know the theory behind the recommendation.



Switch to this routine 2 weeks before your period starts – though feel free to use this routine all month long if you find it works for you!


Acne Skin Care Routine Products - Gel Cleanser face wash for oily skin, acne, teen, and combination skin.

The Details: How to create a skincare routine that works for your skin

Keep reading to find out why each skincare product was included in the hormonal acne routine I shared above. The details below will help you develop a skincare routine that works for your skin if you need to (or want to) substitute any of the products.


Natural products for a simple, daily morning skin care routine for acne


How to Build a Morning Routine for Acne-Prone Skin:

Step 1) Wash your face with a super gentle cleanser with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid)

  • Our recommendation: Pure Amore Gel Cleanser
  • Why: Pure Amore Gel Cleanser is packed with hydrating aloe vera plus deep cleaning fruit enzymes (AHAs) that calm, clean and make for a perfect morning cleanser.

Step 2) Skip the drying toner and instead use an antioxidant-rich (anti-inflammatory) congestion-busting hydrator:

  • Our recommendation: Vitamin C + Probiotics Serum
  • Why: Grounded Sage’s Vitamin C Serum is a hydrating serum that lubricates pores (thanks to aloe and hyaluronic acid) which allows debris to be pushed from pores more easily. The probiotics in this serum help balance bacteria (which can turn clogs into breakouts). Finally, the enzymes in this formula help to further breakdown congestion and clear clogged pores.

Step 3) Apply a protective, hydrating, calming moisturizer

  • Our recommendation: Calendula and Oat Facial Moisturizer
  • Why: Calendula & Oat Facial Moisturizer contains calming ingredients like cucumber, oats, turmeric, and zinc. Zinc, Argan and jojoba all help keep the skin hydrated and lock in moisture without being a heavy moisturizer – it’s ideal for acne-prone skin because it focuses on redness-reducing, calming properties, and lots of hydration. Plus, the zinc helps balance oils throughout the day


Natural products for a simple night skin care routine for acne


How to Build a Nighttime Routine for Acne-Prone Skin: The Double-Masking Approach

This evening routine uses a double masking approach to infuse as many helpful, acne-clearing ingredients into our skin as possible (without overwhelming it and creating more congestion). Double masking overnight treatments are a simple way to work beneficial masks into your routine without having to waste a bunch of time sitting around with a mask on!

Step 1) Wash face with a gentle cleanser that has AHAs and can tackle pollution, makeup, and daily buildup.

  • Our recommendation: Green Tea and Pineapple Cream Cleanser
  • Why: This cleanser uses pineapple fruit enzymes to purge pores of daily buildup without stripping the skin’s natural moisture barrier. It’s infused with skin-soothing chamomile, calming green tea, antibacterial lavender, and brightening antioxidant-rich pineapple.

Step 2) Tackle any moisture loss that happened throughout the day with an acne-fighting hydrator

  • Our recommendation: Acne & Oil Balancing Gel Mask
  • Why: This mask is packed with over 200 skin-supporting vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants – all of which promote healing, rehydration of the skin, and removal of pore-clogging buildup
  • How:  Apply after cleansing and before any other products

Step 3) Support skin with a resurfacing, gentle, light moisturizer that doesn’t skimp on probiotics

  • Our recommendation: Pumpkin Enzyme Face Mask with Probiotics
  • Why: Pumpkin Enzyme Mask gently resurfaces the skin with pumpkin enzymes (this allows healing ingredients to absorb more readily). It calms skin with vitamin e, oats, calendula, and aloe. Finally, it reduces redness, sensitivity, and breakout triggers (like acne bacteria) thanks to probiotics.


Hormonal acne treatment products for healing overnight skincare routine


Weekly Treatment For Acne Prone Skin

Last, if you’d like to include some weekly maintenance into your routine (and give your skin a big dose of congestion-busting enzymes), use Congestion Protection AHA Mist (as your hydrator) as needed. Apply it after cleansing and before any other products and leave it on.

This AHA Mist great to use as a weekly treatment to keep congestion at bay (though can be used more often if you’re skin isn’t sensitive and you have a lot of congestion to breakdown). If your cycle is consistent, start using the mist 10-14 days before your period starts, applying every other day. After this 10-14 day period, switch to a weekly or bi-weekly application, depending on how sticky your cells are!


Natural healing remedies for hormonal acne on chin and jawline - holistic skincare


Hormonal Acne Holistic Lifestyle Remedies

To really get a handle on monthly breakouts though, you’ll need to focus on internal support for your skin as well (a low inflammatory diet, etc).

For me, this means doing my best to avoid foods that are inflammatory for me (processed sugar, dairy, yeast, etc), and not skimping on my zinc supplement.

Previously, for me it meant seeing a naturopath to get to the root of things, taking a chaste tree supplement, and figuring out ways to manage chronic insomnia and poor sleep.

The internal supports that you need will vary but a variety of whole, plant-based foods (think root veggies and greens), getting as much sleep as your body needs, drinking lots of water (and dandelion root tea), and slowing down will definitely help. 

For further help with inflammation and breakouts that flare up due to hormonal spikes, check out these additional resource links:


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How to get rid of chin acne - causes, remedies and treatment for hormonal acne including products for a simple skincare routine


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